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2nd Battle of Zhawar: Home

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2nd Battle of Zhawar

Zhawar is a village in Khost Province south of Parachinar and about six miles from the Pakistan border. It was the major base along the mujahedin supply route for attacks on the Kabul garrison at Khost. The importance of the base can be seen from the fact that about 60 percent of mujahedin supplies passed from Zhawar and Ali Khel. The base, built by a Pakistani construction company, had large underground facilities; seven tunnels housed living and medical quarters as well as depots of weapons and other facilities. Generators provided electricity and permitted ratio communication.

Destruction of the base and closure of the supply line had long been an object of the Kabul government, and in early 1986 it started a major offensive. The Kabul government captured the base but withdrew shortly thereafter and the mujahedin returned within 48 hours. The Kabul campaign did not achieve its objective.

taken from - Ludwig W. Adamec, Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan, 3rd edition. (Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2003), 396-397.